Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gayraoke @ Jake's

Out@Kelley MBA organized “Gayraoke” (gay-karaoke) on Saturday, Oct 9, 2010. This was the first O@K event for the Class of 2012 and despite the mid-terms, many showed up in their fabulous clothes and wonderful voices long with 2nd year students who were long waiting for this event. The crowd of over 110 filled Jake’s floor space as the night led into a dynamic fun-filled karaoke rounds. When asked about how they liked the event, the participants could barely hold back their excitement.

“Gayraoke was the most fun night I've had in Bloomington. Singing songs, drinking with classmates, and deep neck v's”, says Brett a 1st year ally who totally rocked it out on the floor. Another ally, Galen expressed his joy in being able to show this fun-filled event to his girlfriend who was visiting the town and Stephanie, a 1st year member thought that this event was “a great way for me to meet more of my fellow 1st years and really get to hang out in a social setting with the 2nd years…not to mention flex my vocal cord muscles”. Joe, an ally had similar experience; "we always have a good time at O@K events. [They] do a great job organizing and hosting along with making everyone feel welcome. Gayraoke was very fun, too bad it didn’t last longer!", he expresses. But what Will, a first year member said best expresses the feeling of the crowd that day. “Gayraoke was by far the best event of the year! Everybody came out, even friends who had been studying and rolled in wearing sweats”, Will says. “When else can you sing, “Santa Baby,” in October and have back-up dancers? Everyone showed up not only to support O@K, but because we had looked forward to Gayraoke all week. Out@Kelley really knows how throw events that are inclusive and fun. Can we do more Gayraoke nights?” he adds.

So, gay or straight, 1st year or 2nd year, Gayraoke allowed everyone to let their hair down, mingle with other fellow students and really have a good time. Given its huge success, Out@Kelley MBA is planning to host similar event every Fall.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Kelley Joins IU in National Day of Silence Observance

Kelley was a sea of blue shirts yesterday, as over 60 Kelley MBAs wore special shirts to mark their participation in the National Day of Silence yesterday.  Out@Kelley members and allies went silent for all or part of the day and handed out information cards explaining their silence to those that spoke to them.

At the end of the day, we munched on delicious bagel sandwiches from gay-owned Bloomington Bagel Co., and discussed the days events.  When have you felt silenced?

Friday, March 5, 2010

O@K MBAs speak to LGBT undergrads re: b-school

Wednesday night, Out@Kelley MBA members spoke to undergraduate LGBT Kelley students that are considering MBA programs.  It was great to hear what was on their minds, and where they are going for the summer.  The Kelley undergraduate business program is one of the top programs in the country, and many students already have their summers nailed down.  Some went to the Out for Business conference (the undergraduate equivalent of Reaching Out MBA) in New York this fall, and lined up great internships there.

Nevertheless, many were understandably nervous about coming out in a professional setting.  I was impressed by how comfortable with their sexual identity the undergrads were, how almost all of them were out in college, and had been since high school.  I graduated from a liberal east coast college in 2005, and was not out until my senior year!  It was great to see how accepted they feel at Kelley and in Bloomington.

Here's what was on their minds:
  • Were you out in the work place? If so, how did you come out to your coworkers? Did you come out to everyone? If not, what made you decide not to? Time, place, manner, etc. 
  • Did you indicate your sexual orientation in any way on your resume?
  • Did you have any problems being out, or not out, in the workplace? 
  • What, if anything, would you have done differently regarding the workplace and your sexuality? 
  • Did you incorporate your sexual orientation into your application for MBA school? 
  • How did you come out at Kelley? (I am assuming you are all out, given your participation in this panel)
  • Have you had any problems being out at Kelley? 
  • Is there anything you would have done different, or are still planning to do, at Kelley? 
  • General advice for undergraduates, both in regards to work and school, and life in general.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Bloomington, Indiana Pride LGTQ Film Festival

Bloomington’s sixth annual Pride LGBT Film festival swept town this past weekend, selling out Friday and Saturday nights. The theme this year was “rural queer,” and featured a wide variety of films, director and filmmaker chats, and community events. The Kelley School of Business was again a sponsor of the event, and a number of Kelley students enjoyed the films and after-party.

I particularly enjoyed “Out in the Silence”, a film about an Oil City, Pennsylvania, native who left for college and comes back 20 years later after receiving congratulatory and hate mail in response to his marriage to his partner. It was fascinating to hear how local groups were able to improve tolerance in the schools, churches, and community after years of harassment.

We’re so lucky to be in Bloomington, the fourth gayest city in America, per The Advocate!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Queerfest for Straight Guest

Out@ Kelley (O@K ) organized its first event “Queerfest for Straight Guest” on Saturday, January 16, 2010. The first Kelley D-Bar after winter break, it was fabulous! The event was at Uncle Elizabeth’s (affectionately known as Uncle E’s), Bloomington’s best LGBTQ club. Highlights of the event included drag shows with Kelley’s Beauties and Bloomington’s Blondes, music by a local DJ, an open dance floor, and specialty drinks.

Despite being the first of its kind event at the Kelley MBA program and having to compete with a Colts game, a whopping turnout of over 120 MBA students and their partners packed the house until it overflowed onto the street. O@K members and its allies also participated in the drag show, making it the most exciting event of the night. Our student performers collected over $150 in tips, which were donated to the Haiti Relief Fund through the Kelley MBAA committee. Additionally, over 200 cans of food were also collected to Cram the Container for Haiti. One of our students also won the Drag Race Award – a huge velvet high-heeled shoe – which we hope to keep as our first drag trophy!

O@K received effusive praise and feedback for the event. We plan to make this an annual event and and bring more visibility and awareness to the LGBT MBA student body.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dan Savage Comes to Bloomington!

Dan Savage came to IU on October 29th and spoke to a packed house at the Indiana Memorial Union. He made us proud by wearing an IU t-shirt, and energized marriage equality efforts here in Indiana.

The partner, Debby Hebernick, of a Kelley classmate provide an awesome opportunity, inviting Out@Kelley to grab dinner with Dan at the Farm after the show. Pinch me! I couldn't believe I was chatting with Dan Savage. It was really funny to know so much about him from his books and podcasts, yet never have met him. When he started talking about his dog, it was deja vu as I'd already heard so much about it from the podcasts.

Indiana Daily Student coverage here, Dan's postcard from Bloomington here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kelley Participates in Reaching Out MBA, Wins Best Essay

Out@Kelley MBA participated in the Reaching OUT MBA Conference in Atlanta. Over 1,000 students, business leaders, and recruiters attended. This year, Kelley coordinated and sponsored the Brand Management Carer Panel, bringing together leaders from major companies including Target, PepsiCo, General Mills, SC Johnson, and Colgate.

A Kelley student won the essay contest, receiving a giant check which she nimbly ported home through airport security! In addition, Kelley participated in the case comp.